Each year approximately 1.5m families go through the stress and anxiety of either applying for a school place in reception or transferring to middle school or secondary school. Regretfully no-one can guarantee a successful application but you can increase your chances by as much as 100% by using School Appeals.

Most parents usually want their children to attend a good local school and this is where the problems start. Most admission authorities will select the majority of places based on some form of distance factor but they will also use other criteria when determining places.

School Appeals founder, John Chard, has now extended the scope of the website to include assistance with school admissions as well as school appeals. Understanding how places are allocated is extremely important when making decisions about school admissions. This is even more important when deciding which schools you include for a place in reception due to the statutory size limit of 30 pupils per class and also the restrictions placed on appeal panels for those parents unsuccessful with their applications.

You can increase your chances by as much as 100% by using School Appeals

School Appeals has devised a range of packages to assist parents with both the admissions process and also the appeals process.

School Appeals was the first website dedicated to providing practical one to one help to parents when it was established in 2002. Since then School Appeals has helped thousands of parents with their school appeal. We believe that we offer the best and most cost effective service that is available. But you don’t have to take our word for it; take a look at the unsolicited testimonials from a sample of the many satisfied customers.

Remember School Appeals motto ‘Your School Your Choice’.