Understandably, parents are often very distressed to learn that their child has been refused any of their preferred schools, and they make the decision to appeal.

Unfortunately for the families involved, most independent admission appeals fail, but this is usually for the simple reason that the parents or guardians were not properly prepared.

We can really make a difference and help you to achieve the best outcome for your child. Our knowledge and understanding of the appeals system is based on many years of experience. We can give you all the information you need to take you through the admission appeal process. We have helped thousands of parents and guardians, as you can see for yourself on the testimonials page.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has a wealth of information. There you will find explanations of all the daunting vocabulary and terms you have no doubt come across. What’s more, for a small membership fee, we will send you our comprehensive guide ‘Your School, Your Choice’. This guide will give you the expertise and information you need to cope with what can be a very challenging experience.

Many parents also choose to use our Members’ Forum, where they can talk about their experiences with other families and our own staff. It can be very reassuring to discuss your issues with other people who are going through the same process, and you are also bound to pick up some useful tips.

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