Getting your children into good local state schools is a stressful procedure, as all parents know. Their education affects their future and so getting a place at the school that suits them best is incredibly important. Being told that that school does not have a place for your child is a very distressing experience and one that is likely to affect more parents as the new rules governing siblings come into operation.A number of authorities across the UK will no longer give priority to siblings of children who are already at the school, particularly if the family has moved away from the catchment area. The UK’s booming population led to a staggering 80,000 children missing out on their favourite primary school this year. Unsurprisingly, many parents chose to appeal against their education authority’s decision. A significant proportion of these failed, however, often because the parents were not properly prepared.

All parents have the right of appeal if their child is refused a place at his or her preferred school but, if they are to succeed, it is essential that the parents build a convincing case before the appeal.

When you are preparing for an appeal, make sure you can explain your case clearly and objectively. A successful appeal usually involves medical, academic, pastoral or transport grounds. Support your appeal with written evidence if you can such as a medical reports, maps, bus timetables, letters from authoritative figures.

The decision of the appeal board is final so it is important to get it right. School Appeals can help you to get through what can be a very daunting experience.